Claims of the Normal, episode 66

Star Wars: The Old Republic

I’m  a bit disappointed that we went through the whole episode 66 of CSICON‘s resident podcast Claims of the Normal without making a single reference to Order 66. Especially since we talk about both Star Wars: The Old Republic and Star Wars Galaxies. The latter will be facing its own Order 66 later this week, while the former will spring to life. It’s the circle of life of MMOs, or something.

Anyway, we did record another episode. We do not only talk Star Wars MMOs. We also talk about Skyrim (and Naked Fridays in Whiterun), how Jon Shute smells, Ark’s impressions of Everquest II: Age of Discovery and how boring Breki is being with his World of Warcraft. Then there’s Quiz Kids and Deathmatch of Death and More Death. As always.

Head over to CSICON to download the episode (and subscribe to the podcast while you’re at it).

Posted on December 11th, 2011 in Podcasting